Terms and conditions of use

Commercial use prohibited

The tracks are provided for non-commercial entertainment use only. They may not be re-packaged, re-sold or re-modelled. Official distribution is via the touge.nz website only.

Where indicated tracks contain the European Space Agency's (ESA) Sentinel-2 (EOX) cloud-less mosaic imagery. The upstream licensing of this content is the Creative-Commons Attribution Share-a-like, Non-Commercial license.

Accuracy not guaranteed

While every artistic effort is made to reproduce locations accurately, no guaratees are offered, implied or made regarding the accuracy of geometry, colours or resemblences of real-world locations. Artistic interpretation and freedom is found in these works which deviates from real-world accuracy, as such, the tracks must not be considered reference or training material.

Obey the road rules and be a safe driver

Motorsport is dangerous. This content is provided on the basis users will not attempt to reproduce ANY dangerous driving behaviour on real roads. Sharing this content is done in order to provide a safe outlet for the safety and enjoyment of all.

Always obey the road rules and be a safe driver!